In the realm of cybersecurity, size doesn't matter to hackers. CorKat Data Solutions safeguards and protects Colorado businesses of any size so they aren't a sitting duck.

IT Challenges
in your Industry


Maintaining uptime. Out-of-date hardware/software and struggling to upgrade to suit your organizational needs.


High Cyber Risk. Employees are unaware of how to prevent cyber attacks from happening within the network.


Lacking tech knowledge. IT department is non-existent or lacks the knowledge to keep your network secure.


Unstable Growth. Desiring company growth without the proper technology processes and procedures in place.


Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology is no longer a challenge with our innovative IT solutions. Our team of certified technicians, each specialized at varying levels, is dedicated to being your trusted partner for all things tech-related. From addressing daily IT hiccups to orchestrating intricate technological expansions, we provide tailored support that aligns with your unique needs. Whether you're facing a minor software glitch or gearing up for a major digital transformation, our experts are ready to deliver effective solutions that empower your business to thrive in the digital age.
Managed IT Services
Co-Managed IT
IT Project Management
Network Security
Hardware-as-a-Service (HAAS)
“Had an incredible experience with network support. All at CorKat respond in a timely and professional manner. These folks really know their stuff!”
- John Jones
“CorKat has been in charge of our network and security for 2 years. We have never had a team more willing to work with us to find solutions and to fix our problems if we have them!”
- Marla DeJohn
“Really great to work with. Always polite and helpful. Would highly recommend this company. I couldn’t do our business without them. Thank you Corkat.”
- Connie Salazar

Do you have a plan to recover your data?

It is crucial to have a contingency plan ready in case of data loss. You must backup all sensitive information securely as part of your safe-data procedures.

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