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  • Develop an effective IT Procurement Strategy
  • Benefit from CIO Expertise Without Recruitment Costs
  • Maximize IT Investment Value
  • Build Robust Infrastructure
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
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Technology runs everything today, and your business builds on information technology services. Sometimes it’s hard to manage that technology. A Virtual CIO will help establish effective and actionable strategies for long-term growth. With our Virtual CIO service in place, you’ll have decades of industry expertise at your fingertips. Consequently, this will help you make informed IT decisions without the expense of hiring someone new. Our team will provide the technology that maintains your business and our team will give you the agility to remain competitive. 

Our clients value our help transitioning their companies to functional remote work environments.

Offering over 106 collective years of IT expertise.

CorKat was prompt and efficient helping me get set up remotely as we had to work from home.

DS Constructors, LLC

Information Technology: IT Solutions

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a full-time CIO, CorKat can provide a Virtual CIO for you. The virtual CIO can establish an effective, long-term IT strategy that ensures you have a scalable, effective infrastructure built to support your success today and into the future. 

Business technology is essential to your daily operations. Having an effective Virtual CIO will help you formulate your IT strategy goals. Ensuring reliable and robust IT solutions begins with the right strategy and then follows through to implementation, maintenance, and budget control. Without a cohesive approach, a failure in your network or other equipment can not only cripple your operations but can cause data loss or compromise your security and incur significant costs. 

CorKat provides a complete IT maintenance service that secures robust performance at all times. As IT experts, we bring a deep insight and focus on the user experience. This ensures that our Virtual CIO service and the information technology solutions it recommends will deliver the performance and ease of use that improves efficiency and results for your desired outcome.