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Staying Connected with CorKat Phone Services

Don’t leave your phone system stuck in the last century, digital communication services from CorKat bring your communications right up to date. Your business thrives on communication. That’s why having an effective phone service is key. When you need to contact your crew, meet with vendors, or take an important sales call, you need a reliable, stable connection. Helpful features like a built-in answering system, call forwarding, Toll-free numbers, call screening, and much more help your business run smoothly. You can even keep your current phone numbers when you switch.

Our clients value our help installing and managing their VoIP phone services, maintaining functional work environments.

Offering over 106 collective years of IT expertise.

CorKat did an excellent job this week and got us in good shape onsite!

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Phone Services: The Phone of the Future Is Here Today

With VoIP, phone-based systems have moved into the digital age. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solution will delete the need for endless cables and sockets. Instead, VoIP uses your current network to leverage internet connectivity for your voice communication needs. This means we can add additional features such as voicemail through email, instant messaging, conferencing tools, and even increased scalability. You’ll also have the ability to shift conversations to mobile as needed. Flexibility is a huge benefit. 

CorKat’s phone services take your system into the digital world. As VoIP specialists, we can build a complete system to meet your needs for today, and into the future. Delivering exceptional performance and value for your organizationit will also save you money.