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Take Advantage of Our Highly Functional Hosted Solutions

Instead of the expense and security issues of running local network servers, our hosted storage solution lets your business take full advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers. Whether you need data storage or Software as a Service, you’ll have the latest secure IT provision without the hardware investment. CorKat builds custom hosted solutions to meet your specific needs, with services that adapt and grow as your business does. 

Our clients value our fully managed hosting solutions, where we truly maintain and secure the environment.

Offering over 106 collective years of IT expertise.

The things I like best about cloud service is that I don’t ever have to worry about properly caring for a server or any of the IT related headaches that come with having one onsite.

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Hosted solutions take the workload from your system and provide a centralized approach to data and application storage. This not only reduces your IT management workload, but also cuts infrastructure investment requirements and increases budget efficiency for your essential IT needs. 

CorKat utilizes cuttingedge, reliable, and secure server technology to provide a fully hosted solution for your IT. Our tailored service delivers the capacity and features your business requires. We do this while offering unlimited scalability. This ensures that as you grow. Meaning, Corkat develops your solution so it grows with your company.

Whether hosted or physically co-located, every business stored within our facility gets covered under our umbrella of security. This means, CorKat’s latest security and control practices make your company’s IT fully compliant! Clearly, CorKat does what’s best for its customers. Additionally, we  even feature multiple enterprise firewalls. Consequently, making our Cloud security the best in the business!

Whether you need a secure data-storage solution, Software as a Service provision, or any combination, the CorKat team is ready to help.  Further, our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive,fully-hosted package. Carefully, we will develop your solution so it meets your needs and your budget.