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  • Tailored Security Strategies for Your Business
  • Protect Data and other Digital Assets
  • Combat hacks and directed attacks 
  • Lower risk and boost customer confidence 
  • Meet current and future government legislation 
CorKat Data Solutions
Cybersecurity IT Services

Protect Your Assets with CorKat Cybersecurity Services

CorKat has over a decade of experience in delivering quality cybersecurity services for businesses of all sizes and of all types. As your MSP, we provide tools and support that keep company data and other digital assets safe and secure. Our cybersecurity services give you a strategy that will secure your business and provide confidence to your customers.

Our clients valued our help transitioning their companies to functional remote work environments.

Offering over 106 collective years of IT expertise.

Hacking attempts and attacks on businesses targeting infrastructure are not done by random opportunists. Having effective cybersecurity services in place is essential to protecting your business and your customers. Your sensitive data is extremely valuable. Hacking attacks have become highly organized and well-funded. With over three-quarters of all small to medium businesses reporting some level of cyberattack, if you haven’t been hacked yet, it is just a matter of time. 

Protection means a reliable solution across every facet of your technology. Our firewall and email filtering program, anti-virus measures, malware screening for connected devices services all provide the best solution package possible. 

At CorKat Data, we know security. Our Cloud solution houses the data of hundreds and hundreds of clients. That requires enterprise-level security. To help you, our team of cybersecurity experts will work with you to develop a security solution that meets your needs and budget. We offer a comprehensive package that protects your business and your customers while being easily managed by your team.  

CorKat will help find a cost-effective security solution that delivers peace of mind for every business. Let us protect you from the operational disruption and expense of a possible security breach.