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Backup Disaster Recovery Services

Failsafe Your Investments with Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Data is the heart of your business. That means having an effective backup disaster recovery policy to protect it. Without your data, you’ll lose your competitive advantage. Worse case, you may even struggle to survive. Our data backup and disaster recovery services are designed to protect data at all stages. That means our BDR solutions protect all your data from initial acquisition to long term storage. In addition, we also provide effective and fast recovery to allow businesses to begin operations again, quickly, after an incident.

Our clients value our help and share that we kept their businesses running in tough times.

Offering over 106 collective years of IT expertise.

Without CorKat’s backup service and ability to provide a fully hosted server solution immediately, we would have easily been down for over a week.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: BDR Solutions

Data is the most valuable asset your business has, which is why you need exceptional backup disaster recovery solutions in place for your business. No matter how careful you are, the risk of a data loss disaster is always present. Whether it is through hacking, equipment failure or human error, a data loss can render your business inoperable, incur massive costs and even lead to business closure. 

CorKat’s BDR services offer comprehensive solutions that include a backup system that operates in the background, around the clock. This ensures your valuable data is stored securely in case the worst should happen. Using our Cloud backup solution ensures data continuity in any emergency, while our BDR hardware provides a robust process for data recovery that gets your business up and running quickly and efficiently.  

CorKat’s data specialistswork with you to integrate backup solutions that offer the protection you need. With automated data maintenance to ensure your backup is as up-to-date as possible. Our backup disaster recovery solutions are here to help when you need it most, so you won’t incur massive costs or lead to business closure. CorKat offers peace of mind and the fast response you need for your business.